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Disclaimer for Solutions on Water


Congratulations!  You’ve scored an experience on the water.  Please take note, in case of inclement weather, there will only be a 50% refund due to funds allocated to rentals, vendor fees, and complimentary refreshments.


Please carefully read the following Terms of Use and Disclaimer notice before attending the Solutions on the Water event.


COVID19 IS REAL.  We will be taking proper precautions to follow The City of Fort Lauderdale and CDC guidelines.  A mask is recommended but not required.


We are not responsible for loss, left, or stolen items that are in your car, at the pavilion, on the boat, or in the water.


There will not be a hired lifeguard monitoring any water activities.  Please be cautious when engaging in any water activities during this event.  If you cannot swim, please DO NOT get into the water at any time for any reason.  Wearing a LIFE JACKET is not mandatory for any persons over the age of six, however we recommend that you always wear a life jacket while boating regardless of swimming skill.


In the U.S., federal law mandates that boats carry life jackets for all passengers, but it does not require that they be worn.

Each boat is privately owned and rented specifically for this event.  Please ask your boat Captain for their rules and regulations. Each passenger will have a life jacket assigned to him or her.


Refreshments will be served.  If you have any allergies, please ask your server about ingredients before consuming any food or drink. The hosts and vendor will not be responsible for any food allergic reactions.


Photos and videos will be captured during Solutions on the Water event. By signing this document, you release your captures to Beyond Revealed Media, LLC & Natif Logistics for marketing purposes only.

This document will be provided for you to sign on the day of the event at the check-in table. You will not be able to board a boat without signing this document. To speed up your check-in process, please fill free to PRINT & SIGN this document now. 

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